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Propositions de thèses 2024

par Tristan Beau - 11 décembre 2023

Caution ! This section is under definition. Please go back in few days to have proper and validated informations about our thesis

Read carefully !

Several possibilities for fundings do exist : successful application to the competitive entrance examination of an Ecole Doctorale, SU Inititiative IPI, grants by ANR, Région Ile de France, etc.
Students interested by a particular topic are invited to contact the advisor(s) who will explain the possible options. LPNHE should get between 4 and 6 grants for these following proposals.

A pre-PhD internship is proposed for each and every topic listed below.

List of PhD proposals for a start in October 2024

PhD titles which appear in green characters are funded PhD. Contact the supervisor for more information about the grant.

In the MIF scientific team :

In the AMA scientific team :

In the RCMN scientific team :

In the COEN scientific team :

Grants from Ecole Doctorale

In case of an application for a grant with an Ecole Doctorale, the grants will be distributed over competitive entrance examinations. We’ll give further informations later about this procedure.


Dans la même rubrique :