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Propositions de thèses 2023

par Tristan Beau - 26 octobre 2023

Read carefully !

Several possibilities for fundings do exist : successful application to the competitive entrance examination of Ecole Doctorale STEP’UP (more information at the bottom of this page), SU Inititiative IPI, grants by ANR, Région Ile de France, etc. Students interested by a particular topic are invited to contact the advisor(s) who will explain the possible options. LPNHE should get between 4 and 6 grants for these following proposals.

A pre-PhD internship is proposed for each and every topic listed below.

List of PhD proposals for a start in October 2023

PhD titles which appear in green characters are funded PhD. Contact the supervisor for more information about the grant.

In the MIF scientific team :

In the AMA scientific team :

In the RCMN scientific team :

In the COEN scientific team :

Grants from Ecole Doctorale STEP’UP

In case of an application for a grant with Ecole Doctorale STEP’UP, the grants will be distributed over two competitive entrance examinations, provided the candidates have successfully obtained their master’s degree.

  • The first examination will take place in March, and the application file should have been sent by the end of February.
  • The second examination will take place in June, the application file been sent by the end of May

The list of documents to provide is available here.

These documents and the interview are to evaluate candidates qualities, the quality of the proposed PhD topic, but also the good match between the candidate and the topic.


Dans la même rubrique :